About us


Pro Fire Management is a Fire Risk Assessment, Fire Safety Management and Fire Engineering Consultancy, comprised of highly best reasonable resume preparation companies qualified, trained and experienced ex-fire service professional consultants, and Fire Technicians to give you ultimate peace of mind that your business or project complies with current legislations.

Fire Safety Systems Installation

Fire Engineering and Installation is looking at the design of buildings and areas so as to minimise the risks to life and property. We take a scientific look at how fires start and spread and even how people will react to them. Pro Fire Management has added fire engineering to our portfolio of services as our customers want a One Stop Shop for all the Fire Safety Compliance needs.


We design, install and maintain:

  • Fire alarm and smoke detection system
  • Emergency lighting systems
  •  Automatic sprinkler systems
  •  Fire suppression systems
  •  As well as supply, install and maintain paper writer fire extinguishers.